Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Great Global Land Grab

Traditional farmers are being driven from their farms by modern agribusinessincluing, most recently a great Global Land Grab.

As Mike Davis discusses in Planet of Slums, these displaced peasants flock to slums in giant megacities.

These slums, in turn, have become breeding grounds for many current Global Guerrilla type organizations.

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  1. I don't know a nice way to say this, but the average African is not IMHO capable of dealing with a modern structure of laws, lawsuits, property rights, "responsible use," etc.

    This is not necessarily an objection to Africans. I am of paler stock, and even I have trouble putting up with the incessant, niggling idiocy of modern life. I have a high IQ, but a team of lawyers could rob me of property rights without much more effort than they would need for to rob an illiterate African.

    Whether Africa gets colonized by Europeans, Singaporeans, Qatar Arabs, or Brazilians makes little difference. Can Africa be part of the modern world without being colonized in some form or another? Should Africa be treated like an incompetent society, and "uplifted" by some paternalist team of anthropologists?

    There is one cultural block that might be able to colonize Africa humanely - the Islamists. However the Islamists are not terribly popular among Americans, and I fear William S. Lind would say "tut tut!" in a crusty and alarming manner.

    What is