Monday, September 28, 2009

Morocco: A Drug Hub For Europe

Morocco: A Drug Hub for Europe:
The arrest of a former Moroccan member of parliament highlight's that country's drug problem.

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  1. 'According to the UNODC, Morocco is the world’s main source of cannabis resin.'
    According to my guesswork, the world has no single main source of resin, because anyone can use a grow lamp indoors and the stuff grows wild anywhere but Antarctica. It might be reasonable, however, to say that Morocco is the main source of resin that UNODC knows about.

    I'm amazed UNODC can issue these statements with a straight face, in Morocco of all places, without falling into Casablanca references.

    Louis: (pretending to be surprised) I'm shocked, shocked to find gambling in here!
Casino Dealer: (handing Louis some money) Your winnings, sir.
Louis: (takes the money) Thank you.

    Emin Arslan: (pretending to be surprised) I'm shocked, shocked to find drug tafficking in Turkey!
Drug Baron: (handing Emin Arslan some money) Your payola, sir.
Emin Arslan: (takes the money) Thank you.

    Thomas Pietschmann: (pretending to be surprised) We never had the evidence, but we’ve been conducting cannabis surveys in Morocco for a few years. I'm shocked, shocked to find high-level involvement in the political system. Cocaine tafficking was formerly *unthinkable* in the Moroccan sunshine that develops high-density cannabis resin!

    United Nations Payroll: (handing Thomas Pietschmann some money) Your comfortably salaried sinecure as an essential propaganda element in the society of the spectacle, sir.

    Thomas Pietschmann: (takes the money) Thank you.

    Is there a big difference between the crooked cops who take payola and the intellectually dishonest intellectuals who pretend the War on Drugs is theoretically winnable?