Monday, September 14, 2009

Bosnian Leaders Debate Country’s Dissolution, War ::

Bosnia leaders accuse each other of seeking the county's dissolution and heading toward war.

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  1. "Although Radmanovic did not give any names, local and international analysts were in no doubt that the accusation was aimed at Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian. Bosnian Serb officials have repeatedly accused the US diplomat of political meddling and have even pressed criminal charges against him and several other local and international officials."

    In other words, the Serbs have had a long tradition of allying with Russia and the USA has had a tradition since 1945 of trying to oppose Russia whenever possible, so the USA feels obliged to use Muslims as cats-paws against Christian Europeans.

    Great strategy, USA. That turned out well when you trained up that Bin Laden guy and all his mujaheddin buddies to fight to Russkies.