Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gangs to Guatamalen Government: Prisons Belong to Us - Not You

The drug cartels, by slaying four Guatemalan prison officials, told Guatemala to mind its own businessregarding what goes on inside:
"The prisons, in general, are centers of corruption," Carrera said. "From inside prison, they direct kidnappings, extortion, drug trafficking."

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  1. I hear that Guatamala has food, but the folk as needs it, don't have the scratch to buy the vittles.

    "Alvaro Colom, the Guatemalan president, announced he would invoke the public order laws to impose a “state of calamity” in an effort to stave off mass hunger in the Central American nation.

    The measure allows the government to make special purchases of food and Mr Colom said he hoped it would inspire the international community to send aid.

    The World Food Programme of the United Nations provided an immediate response, pledging to send 20 tons of nutritional biscuits to the worst-affected areas in the countryside..."

    Also, don't tell Archdruid Greer, but Brazil is still hiring oil drillers. "BG's Guara oil field in the Santos Basin is estimated to contain up to two billion barrels of recoverable reserves..."

    Maybe instead of biscuits, the UN should send boats to load up the hungry, able-bodied folks and send them to Brazil, where they can get jobs in the oil business.