Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guinea: Soldiers Shoot Protestors

Soldiers loyal to Guinea's head of state, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, shot and killed at least 58 protesters, who were part of a rally against Camara's continuing in power. :

Camara, who seized power in a coup last December following the death of long-time President Lansana Conté , had pledged to step down following promised elections. The protesters, responding to rumors that Camara might nevertheless become a candidate in those elections, had sought to prevent him from running.

Prior to Camara's December coup, Guinea had been a center for cocaine smuggling. However, Camara pledged that he would crackdown on drugs.

Recent reports nevertheless assert that Camara actually has promoted drugs.

Musah said the military ruler is being influenced by suspected drug dealers.

'He came pretending to fight against the drug trafficking and others and today we know that some of the drug barons in Guinea are some of his advisors,' Musah said.

Recently reports have conflicted as to whether West Africa remains a heavy source for routing cocaine into Europe - some reporting a decline in cocaine smuggling; others reporting that it is going strong. Less cocaine has recently been seized, but whether that means less cocaine is therefore being smuggled or whether enforcement has been more lax is unclear.

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