Friday, September 4, 2009

Jamaican Police Respond to Threats Against Prime Minister's Office

The requested extradition to the United States of Jamaican political boss Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, who is wanted for drug charges, could threaten chaos inside Jamaica.

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  1. "Right ya now a pure mad head from all bout, some man whe nuh have nuttin fi live fear. When it done if dem survive dem ago have summ'n tho,"

    Wait, what?

    I think that translates as:
    "Right ya now" -> -> Right, do you know? ->I hope it is clear
    "a pure mad head from all bout" -> everyone is angry
    "some man whe nuh have nuttin" ->some people have nothing
    " fi live fear." -> to live for
    " When it done " -> when they have finished conquering
    "if dem survive" -> the surviving warriors
    "dem ago have summ'n tho,"->will have something to live for

    It took me four read-throughs to figure out that this meant that Dudus would reward loyal fighters.

    Is this what they call 'patois'? Or is it just 'pidgin English'?