Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Chain of perils: The new Lean Logistics

The modern JIT inventory system is increasingly vulnerable to systems disruptions.

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  1. I have been banging a drum about this issue for years. It's amazingly difficult to get a manufacturing company - or a professor - or anyone with access to policy - interested in such things. They seem to believe the market will save civilization.

    FB: "What if oil goes to $100 per barrel?"
    Interlocutor: "The market will prevail. If I'm a good capitalist, my company will win in the tough fair game of competition."
    FB: "But what if your whole country collapses?"
    Interlocutor: "Now that's just crazy. The world is run by guys like me. We all want profit. We won't wreck things like that."

    Apparently Chatto-Smith is more convincing than I am.