Monday, July 27, 2009

Videa of Coast Guard Interception of Drug Smugglers

Two suspected drug smuggling boats were pursued and interdicted simultaneously July 8, 2009, 80 miles off the coast of Guatemala, during the first drug interdiction for Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf, the first commissioned National Security Cutter. Infrared video shows the fleeing vessels, suspected smugglers throwing bales overboard, Coast Guard intercepter boats closing in and the handcuffing of suspects.

Min. 00:00:00-Four suspected drug boats. Min. 0:10:25- Suspected drug boat with two suspects aboard. Min. 0:31:29-Suspected drug boat and infrared heat signature from the CGC Bertholf while in pursuit. Min. 1:10:02-CGC Bertholf boarding team approaches a suspected drug boat with two suspects aboard. Min. 1:18:15-Three suspected drug boats. Min. 1:25:11-Infrared heat signature from the CGC Bertholf. Min. 1:36:08-Suspected drug boat. Min 1:42:04-CGC Bertholf boarding team approaches suspected drug boat. CGC Bertholf boarding team member handcuffs suspected drug smuggler. (Coast Guard video/CGC Bertholf)

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