Wednesday, July 29, 2009

La Dolce Vita Returns

Time Magazine discusses the 'Ndrangheta in general and the recent seizure of the famed La Dolce Vita restaurant, Cafe de Paris, covering material already familiar to readers of this blog.

Fortunately, according to Time, Italy's sweet life has returned:

Despite the morning's drama, life was back to normal at the famed café by early afternoon. Marcello Scofano, the assistant manager, who has worked there for 26 years, said the current owner appeared to be an upstanding businessman. "This has already been a bad year," Scofano said, citing the economic crisis' impact on tourism. "But I've seen good times and bad times here. We serve it all: espresso and cappuccino, dinner or snack, $1,000 bottles of wine and $40 bottles." But investigators are alleging that Scofano wasn't the only one keeping tab.

And why should not Italy's sweet life return? The mob is ready, willing, and able to finance it.

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