Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey! This is England, Not Mexico.

Apparently gangsters in England are taking notes from the Zetas:

Gangsters launch fire bomb attack on Liverpool's Altcourse Prison.

CITY gangsters declared war on prison guards by fire-bombing a security van and attacking their cars with petrol.

Two masked thugs on a scrambler bike rode up to the prison van and smashed its windscreen before pouring petrol inside and lighting it.

They also covered the private cars of five staff members with petrol and aimed a threatening ‘gun salute’ at workers who were changing shift at Altcourse Prison on Wednesday night.
The attack is believed to be a stark warning to prison officers trying to clamp down on mobile phone use by inmates.
“It takes a lot to scare prison staff but when they’re going after your car it’s personal.

“They’re probably doing it because there’s a big surge on mobile phones in prison at the moment. They’re saying ‘You leave us alone and we’ll leave your cars alone’.”

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