Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rap Sheet: The Camorra Is Everywhere

The Rap Sheet: The Camorra Is Everywhere discusses everything you wish you didn't need to know about the Camorra.

“The term ‘camorra’ indicates a mental attitude, the principal characteristics of which are the result of bullying and coercion which enforces ‘omertà’ (loyalty to the criminal code). The difference between belonging to a camorra clan, and being subjected to its rules, is so finely drawn in areas where the camorra mentality is diffuse that it is almost impossible to see where legality ends, and where criminality starts. Camorristic behavior influences the whole social spectrum, involving businessmen, ‘respectable’ professionals, public administrators, and all those people who play a role in the organization and the day-to-day ‘administration’ of crime. Indeed, the criminals themselves now call this ‘the system.”’

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