Friday, July 10, 2009

The Journal of Art Crime

The Journal of Art Crime, published by ARCA, is the first peer-reviewed academic journal in the study of art crime. This biannual publication welcomes interdisciplinary articles from both academics and professionals, related to art crime, its history, and its repercussions. Relevant fields include criminology, law, art history, history, sociology, policing, security, archaeology, and conservation.

The first issue of the Journal of Art Crime came out in the Spring of 2009, with the second the following Fall. You may subscribe to a full-color electronic (PDF) version of the Journal, a quality printed and bound black and white edition, or both. If subscribing to a printed edition, be sure to include your shipping address, as well as email. Each subscription is for 2 issues. You may pay with a credit card using Paypal in any currency. All income from subscriptions supports ARCA’s non-profit activities.

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