Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dadis Camara Under ‘Arrest’ in Moroccan Hospital | Newstime Africa

Dadis Camara Under ‘Arrest’ in Moroccan Hospital | Newstime Africa:
As the Moroccan government comes under heavy pressure from the United States of America, Guinean Junta leader seems to have been placed under serious military protection otherwise known as indirect arrest, to prevent him from returning to Guinea. It seems the Americans are seizing this moment of opportunity to remove the Guinean dictator completely from the political landscape of the West African Country. The Moroccan government is under tremendous pressure not to release Camara from hospital and Newstime Africa has reliably learnt that the Guinean strongman is about to be moved from the hospital where he has been recouping to a villa in an unknown location in the capital, Rabat.

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