Saturday, January 9, 2010

Outside The Walls: Kosovo: Parallel To What?

Outside The Walls: Kosovo: Parallel To What?:
Seems like most everyone is talking - somewhat ominously - about 'parallel' illegal institutions in northern Kosovo. Kosovo's government is calling for international assistance to 'dissolve' them. KEK (the Kosovo power company)- which cut electricity to the north in October in order to bully the Serbs into accepting it as their supplier of electricity - is now asking for international help to stop the Serbian provider, EPS, from 'illegally' collecting bills in the north. And now, most worrisome of all if the press reports are accurate, the NATO Commander for southern Europe, Admiral Fitzgerald is claiming that the Serb municipal councils in the north are illegal and a threat to security because they are in violation of UNSCR 1244. When the Albanians ask for international help to dissolve the so-called parallel institutions in the north and the NATO command agrees they are illegal and a security threat, its seems a good cause for worry.

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