Friday, October 9, 2009

So We're NOT Going to Bomb Iran?

Like any American, I am of course, pleased that Obama, whom I voted for, has received the Nobel Peace Prize.

But this is very early in the day for such an award. And Col. Patrick Lang and a lot of other folks have been blogging furiously about whether Obama might be about to attack Iran and escalate in Afghanistan and such.

And even if Obama has no intention of escalating Iran or Afghanistan - Neville Chamberlain looked like Peace Prize material right after Munich.

It is one thing to award the prize to Jimmy Carter after a long and well documented career; but to award such a prize to any brand new president looks a lot like investing in bundles of mortgage derivatives.

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  1. A point of fact: there are some Americans who stridently criticize Obama's award of the Peace Prize. I have access to an effectively unlimited supply of anti-Obama rants, available on request, at some of the American sites I read.

    I encourage you to read some of those sites, if for no other reason than to hear some other American voices.

    is a site that I consider fairly moderate. The writer is very soft on political concerns, by my standards, but there's just something about his thoughts that strikes me as insightful. I recall that he is anti-Obama.

    I was going to link this story to your earlier comment on the Literature Prize, but here's the link that is being passed around:

    That's the archive of protests against Kissinger's similar Peace Prize.

    P.S.: I agree, Jimmy Carter is ripe for a real Peace Prize at this point in his career. But I still haven't read Palestine- Peace or Apartheid.