Saturday, October 17, 2009

Premenstrual Syndrome, Medical Marijuana and Queen Victoria - Salem-News.Com

Drug War advocates generally think they are conducting some sort of crusade on behalf of some sort of morality.

When pressed, they typically state that they want to restore some sort of Victorian order of things.

Accordingly, it becomes pertinent to inquire as to what sort of drug use Queen Victoria herself was engaged in.

And apparently she used drugs to relieve her PMS:
Queen Victoria was the first woman to use marijuana for PMS.

This occurred a few months after Dr. O’Shaughnessy brought cannabis to England about 1840. It was a new highly efficacious drug so lets try it. It was prescribed by a Dr. Sir Russel Reynolds physician to Queen Victoria. The Queen had previously used Opium, Coca (raw cocaine), wine and chloroform. I hope ladies will cringe when they read this.

The Queen obviously found that cannabis/marijuana worked well. She used it also for morning sickness and obstetrical anesthesia with no harm to fetuses. It seems that ABC TV News is way behind on PMS therapy. The new most promising therapy for PMS was discovered by Queen Victoria about 1850.

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