Monday, October 26, 2009

Cross-border smuggling syndicates thrive | The Zimbabwe Times

The Zimbabwe Times describes smuggling tactics in that country:
Things have deteriorated to a point were some bus crews charge a regular 'border fee' to facilitate passengers passing through the border without declaring their goods. Bus crews collect money, outside the regular bus fare, for the purpose of bribing ZIMRA officers so that they don't search buses thoroughly. This way goods for which duty should be paid can pass through the border without even being inspected.

Also notorious for tax evasion and smuggling are the class of informal couriers known as "malaitshas." These people openly promise clients that no duty will be paid for goods they ferry to Zimbabwe. They charge exorbitant fees and pocket all the money, to the general detriment of the taxpaying and law-abiding public. They operate in cahoots with corrupt ZIMRA officers to arrange crossing the border during the witching hours of night when fellow officials are least alert.

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