Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iranian Protests vs. G20 Protests: An Apparent Double Standard

In what appears to be a double standard, Elliot Madison, a G20 protester whose conduct appears to have resembled that of the Iranians protesting the recent Iranian elections, is being prosecuted by state and federal authorities. Both the Iranians and Madison used Twitter to communicate. The State Department and the media praised the Iranians, but prosecution - not praise - now befalls Madison.

We only have his side of the story, but here it is:

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  1. Hey, Elliot Madison says he's an author. Does anyone know where I can buy his books?

    Nothing says "Robin Hood" like an author who gets popular when he gets arrested... on a sealed warrant. Didn't Kafka write a whole big story about sealed charges, so the defendant, Josef K, had to defend himself without knowing what the charges were?