Thursday, August 6, 2009

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Here is the current American healthcare system, in all its sick, corrupt glory:

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  1. I suggest reading:
    A 10-Year Experience with Universal Health Insurance in Taiwan: Measuring Changes in Health and Health Disparity
    right arrow Chi Pang Wen, MD, DrPH; Shan Pou Tsai, PhD; and Wen-Shen Isabella Chung, MSc

    You will find this scholarly paper useful.

    It reads in part

    Taiwan's national health insurance has attracted worldwide attention (1–6) because of stable costs (as a proportion of gross national product) and short waiting times (7, 8). National health expenditure increased modestly from 5.1% of gross national product before the introduction of national health insurance to 6.2% 10 years later (9), which is in sharp contrast with the United States (16% of gross national product) (10).

    It is at:

    The Taiwanese pay one-third the cost of the USA residents, and yet receive vastly better and more convenient health care.