Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Guerrilla Healthcare

Another drug gang uses Robin Hood tactics to advance itself:

Residents of a poor Guatemalan town have rallied around a family sought by the United States for drug trafficking but respected at home for handing out food, jobs and medicine to people in need.


  1. "Guatemalan authorities allege Waldemar Lorenzana heads the operation and that his sons organize the reception of drugs from drop-off points on the country's Pacific coast and ship them north through Guatemala to Mexico."

    Waldemar certainly sounds like an old European name. It would be interesting to find out if the Lorenzana family's ethnic origins. Beyond the academic interest, it might reveal traditional structures of community-building.

    Likewise marriage patterns would be of considerable interest. Is feudalism competitive in a world that claims to favor meritocracy? Have the Lorenzanas re-established a "latifundium" model of agriculture?

  2. Have the Lorenzanas re-established a "latifundium" model of agriculture?

    It seems as if this is a version of the patron-client relationship.