Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Assassinated Guinea-Bissau Politician Rurored to Have Been Involved In Drug Smuggling

Recently assassinated Guinea-Bissau presidential candidate, Baciro Dabo,has been rumored to have been involved in drug smuggling based upon his flashy lifestyle.

Dabo, along former defense minister Helder Proenca and two bodyguards, were assassinated by Guinea-Bissal soldiers on Friday, June 5. A third former minister, first also reported as having been assassinated, was severely beaten. Dabo's supporters state that Dabo was shot while in his bed while his opponents state that Dabo was plotting a coup and was resisting arrest.

Despite this assassination, Guinea-Bissau, which has a long history of political violence, shall proceed with its election scheduled for June 28.

Whatever the truth about Dabo's drug involvement, Guinea-Bissau has become a target for Latin American drug smugglers, who are using the country as a staging post for smuggling cocaine into Europe.

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