Friday, May 15, 2009

Why You Can't Prosecute the 'Ndrangheta in Italy

How Italian authorities treat"the most important witness of the Italian justice":

During the seven years of tottering protection, the Masciari’s family has been constantly in danger because of the leaks of the system that put him in close contact with the criminals he was testifying against, registered him with his full name when checking in different hotels and left him without escort in several occasions. In addition to all that, in 2004 the Home Office calls off his protection scheme, announcing that the trials he was involved with were finally closed.

With the trials still taking place and the risk of being the target of the Mafia still present, Mr Masciari appeals to the TAR of Lazio (local court of the Region Lazio) to have the protection scheme back. Although the TAR’s sentence of January 2009 provides for the re-integration of the Masciari’s family under the security program, the Minister of the Interior fails to comply with these orders.

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