Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Serbia's Costa del Sol

Serbia apparently is developing an answer to Spain's legenday Costa del Sol, the "Costa del Crime," to whence British and other gangsters would escape to live a life of luxury.

(Recently, Raffaele Amato, Camorra cocaine kingpin, was arrested while hiding in the Costa del Sol.)

According to Balkan Insight, the Serbian resort town of Zlatibor and other resort towns have become havens for Serbian organized crime.

According to Wikipedia:

Situated at an altitude of just over 1,000 meters, Zlatibor is a climatic resort, characterized by a cool mountain climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. Tourist facilities include modern hotels, holiday centers and cottages, sports grounds and skiing.

Medical services are provided by the staff of the Special Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Thyroid Gland Disorders and the Rehabilitation of Patients. Modern methods of treatment are being utilized, including ultrasound techniques, stimulator's, diathermy and iodized and galvanic baths.

Notable successes have been achieved in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of different kinds and stages of thyroid gland diseases.

It is no coincidence that resort towns attract organized crime. A cash intensive business, tourism facilitates money laundering.

Other towns reported to be in Serbia's newly emerging Costa del Sol include Novi Sad, Palic, Kopaonik, Vrnjacka Banja, and Subotica.

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