Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coast Guard Issues Maritime Security Directive

Responding to Somali pirate attacks, the US Coast Guard has issued a Maritime Security Directive:

Prior to entering high risk waters, U.S. flagged vessels should establish an anti-piracy plan that includes the hardening of rigging and operating vessels in a manner to prevent attacks and subsequent boarding. Ships shall also use established transit lanes, erratic ships maneuvering, increased speed and cooperation with military forces patrolling the area. During transits through high-risk areas, it is the ship's responsibility to maintain a vigilant anti-piracy watch and ensure all shipboard anti-piracy precautions are in force.

It adds that vessel security plans for U.S. flagged vessels that operate in high risk waters must have security protocols for terrorism, piracy, and armed robbery against ships that meet the performance standards in this directive by May 25.

Note that this applies only to US flagged vessels, which are very much the rare exception. ( Panama has more flagged vessels than any other country ). These protocols would apply only to high risk waters such as off Somalia or the Straight of Malacca.

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