Saturday, May 2, 2009

Interestng Drug Distribution Into Hungary.

Contrary to what we would expect, cocaine distribution into Hungary appears to come from Asian rather than Dutch sources.

One of the primary routes for cocaine distribution into Europe is via the Netherlands; so we would not at all be surprised to learn that Hungary's cocaine comes from there. Moreover, according to the Hungarian National Security Office (NBH), Hungary's marijuana and synthetic drugs do arrive via the Dutch route. In contrast, Hungary's opium and heroin arrive instead from Afghanistan.

Hungary's cocaine apparently arrives along with the Afghan opium and heroin rather than the Dutch marijuana and synthetic drugs, according to the NBH. The NBH also notes that the Afghan distribution system is the more structured.

Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review


  1. Very interesting stuff and a great link. Is there any chance of you posting a blogroll or list of the sites you check? I'd be very interested considering the high quality of your posting.


  2. Hi Guy.

    Thanks for the comment. I'm just getting this blog underway and am just figuring out how to run things, but a blogroll would be something I do intend to do as soon as I feel sufficiently on top of things.

    Basically, I do intend to spend a lot to time tracking down events related to cocaine distribution in Europe because I think that is a big story that no one else is talking about.

    Blogs I spend a lot of time on include John Robb's Global Guerrillas, Fabius Maximus' blog, and Chet Richards' Defense in the National Interest Site.

  3. Wonderful, thanks Duncan. A Boyd-inista by the looks of it! I look forward with interest to seeing you track cocaine distribution.