Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corruption Weaknesses in Kosovo Pinpointed :: BalkanInsight.com

Corruption Weaknesses in Kosovo Pinpointed :: BalkanInsight.com:
The weakness of public procurement officers, politically motivated appointments to the boards of publicly owned companies, the lack of funding and support for anti-corruption authorities and the struggling judicial system are pinpointed as the key areas of concern in the fight against graft.

Procurement officers, responsible for the spending of around 20 per cent of Kosovo’s GDP through public institutions’ tenders, are particularly vulnerable to political pressure, according to the draft report by the Kosovo Stability Institute, IKS, seen by Balkan Insight.

The analysis, Untying the Knot, which is to be published later today, reveals that procurement officers have been physically intimidated by politicians and that their precarious position within institutions means they are easily swayed by pressure.

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