Friday, March 19, 2010

Land Grab Links

The West Africa Observer discusses the Global Land Grab and other topics.

It cites the following as useful links regarding the land grab:

  • International Land Coalition:
    “Commercial Pressures on Land” is one of the International Land
    Coalition’s global initatives aiming to promote a wide collaboration
    between civil society organisations, intergovernmental organisations
    and research based institutes.The website provides access to a large
    document database including analytical studies, briefing notes,
    policy papers, laws and many other resources. It also links to a
    dedicated blog to further discuss land acquisition issues.
  • FAO Land Tenure website:
    This website offers access to various FAO publications, studies, policy
    series, notes, guidelines and various other information sources on
    land tenure and related issues.
  • LandNet:
    This regional West African land network is specialised in land issues
    at the national and regional levels. LandNet is represented by four
    national member organisations (Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Togo)
    and by individual members in more than 10 West African countries.
  • The Hub Rural:
    The Hub’s goal is to assist West and Central African stakeholders
    (states, inter-governmental organisations, civil society organisations
    and development partners) to promote coherence in rural
    development programmes worldwide.

The following map contrasts population and soil characteristics of the Sahel. Note that this region corresponds to that where much drug smuggling and related activity is taking place:

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