Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sahel Region; The Future Ground Zero

The Sahel Region; The Future Ground Zero:
If the recent flurry of activities by the Moroccan Military on the border regions where Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania meet is any indication, the Sahel region is the future ground zero for the fight against extremists groups operating in North Africa. Despite the ongoing war of words between Morocco and Algeria over the issue of the Western Sahara, Algiers and Rabat are warily looking at the recent activities of several different groups operating a number of illicit activities on the tri-borders. Even though some of this activities are typical of any border region in the world, the presence of armed groups linked to outside international militancy groups that are known of embracing violence is intensifying the pressure on the Moroccan and Algerian governments to forgo their differences and increase their security cooperation; it is going to be a matter of survival for both countries.

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